The right to speak out vigorously on governmental and corporate policies is one of the most staunchly defended freedoms of the Western World. The advent of modern public opinion polls, dealing as they do with important political, social and economic issues of the day help to provide an opportunity to let government officials, public and private institutions, and the public itself know where the people stand on these issues. The usefulness of this mode of public expression is attested to by the fact that every important democracy in the world has now one or more competent public opinion research organization.


Dr. George H. Gallup
February 1981

 Dr. George H. Gallup

February 1981


Pioneering research institutes were in operation in half a dozen countries before the start of World War II. Gallup International was formally founded in May 1947 with 11 original members and Dr. George H Gallup as its first President, until his death in 1984.


In May 2010, The Gallup International Association (GIA) came together with the Worldwide Independent Network of market research (WIN) to form the largest network of independent market research and polling firms in the world under the presidency of Jean-Marc Leger, President of Leger - The Research Intelligence Group (Canada).



In July 2016 the role of President of WIN/Gallup International has been taken over by
Vilma Scarpino, CEO and shareholder of Doxa (Italy), the first independent marketing research and opinion poll company in Italy.



Vilma Scarpino

CEO of Doxa (Italy)
President of WIN/Gallup International 



Currently WIN/Gallup International is registered in Zurich Switzerland, and covers 95% of the world’s market with 80 Members and research capabilities in more than 100 countries around the world. A Code of Statutes agreed by all the Members, governs the Association and the Gallup International Quality Standard is followed by all its Members, the first of its kind in the world, ensures work of the highest level by member companies.



The combined turnover of Members of WIN/Gallup International reaches more than €500 million and all our Members are leading market research agencies in their own country.