Corporate branding- Reputation Index Model™

Reputation Index Model

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The Reputation Model is one of the most sophisticated reputation models in the World.


In collaboration with our Canadian Member, Leger,  WIN/GIA presents the Reputation Model™ tool.  The Reputation Model measures the corporate reputation of a company. It shows how a company is viewed by the general public in relation to its competitors. 

The Reputation Model  was built on extensive research and theoretical understanding. The Reputation Model uses a unique methodology that allows a company to assess its reputation in relation to its competitors.




  • Based on years of research data
  • Developed on the basis of sold theory
  • Retested and improved in 2012
  • One of the mot sophisticated reputation models in the world
  • Attributes on which a company’s reputation is based



  • Reputation score of the client and their competitors
  • Attributes that contributes to the Reputation score
  • How does your client compare with the industry as a whole
  • What is your client’s/competitors Net Promoter Scores
  • Customer loyalty index of your client and their competitors


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