Leger Marketing's Price Sensitivity Meter, a derivative of the van Westendorp method of optimal pricing, measures customer response in a way that generates insight into implicit quality perception or value perception associated with a service at a range of price alternatives. A number of significant measures of pricing dynamics emerge from the application of this research technique, namely:  
The degree of “indifference” or “sensitivity” that consumers demonstrate at alternate prices;
The degree of behaviourally-related “price resistance” that occurs at alternate price points;
The optimum price for maximum price-driven market potential; and
The optimum price for maximum revenue generation


Red Ice™ 

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RED ICE – Internet Channel Effectiveness


In collaboration with our Ireland Member, Red C, WIN/GIA presents the RED ICE™ tool. 

This innovative product uses online research to determine the effectiveness of campaigns by using a sample of those who saw a clients site/advertising/social media campaign versus those who didn’t.  


This unique use of technology allows a company to assess standard campaign metrics and assess valuable insights between the interaction of its clients and its campaign.  As a results, the company makes important net gain from knowing how its clients interact online with its brand, both in terms of awareness and brand equity. 




  • Using cookie information from panel members in order to track online ad behavior
  • Using a sample of those advertising aware and those not to determine difference in disposition




  • Client embeds cookies onto online advertising material
  • Panellist who agreed for cookies to be tracked can be assessed in relation to their interaction with a campaign
  • This group of panellist can then be assess against those unaware of the campaign 


For more information, please refer to the attached pdf documentation or contact Bryan Cox or Call +35318186316.

You can also visit Red C Website