Advertising Evaluation- Gallup Impact Test™

Gallup Impact Test™

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Gallup Impact Test™ measures the success of publicity linked with the level of loyalty and satisfaction of the customers.  




In collaboration with our Austrian Member, Österreichisches Gallup Institut, WIN/GIA presents the the Gallup Impact Test™.  The Impact Rate is the percentage of persons that have been in contact with a medium during the period of appearance who can correctly state visual or textual elements and identify the commercial in question. The Impact Test evaluates the commercial’s reception.


In other words, the object is to find out the percentage of those who have been in contact with a certain medium within a certain period of publication and the output allows the Company to find out what exactly its customers can remember from their advertising. 


  • The impact test measures the efficiency of advertising with the keymarks recall and impact in relation to GRPs/spending. 
  • The test can assess further important aspects of the commercial’s reception, such as the information´s reception, the succinctness of certain visual/textual elements and the emotional acceptance of the commercial. 

For more information, please contact Georg Wiedenhofer or call +43 1470472434


You can also visit the Österreichisches Gallup Institut Website