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CrowdScreen™ is an interactive on-line screening tool designed to provide cost effectiveness and timely information.

In collaboration with our Australian Member, Colmar Brunton, WIN/GIA presents the CrowdScreen™ tool.  CrowdScreen™ Provides a competitive advantage over local concept testing products and competes well with leading global products.  It is a standardized product, that offers the best practice research tool that can be simply used by all countries with on-line capabilities. CrowdScreen™ is efficient and only takes 7 days from start of field to hand back a full report.



CrowdScreen is an interactive on-line screening tool designed to provide cost effective and timely information for the screening of concepts. 



Automated, pre-scripted application which utilizes the power of the crowd to:


  • Identify winning concepts
  • Identify target markets
  • Measure performance against global and local benchmarks



A formatted 70-page report containing charts, tables, quadrant maps with data splits by demographics and users/non-users category. Over N=3000 concepts in the database.


Please find attached the pdf presentation for your review.

For more information, please contact Peter Kenny or call +61 386405200


You can also visit Colmar Brunton Website.