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Corporate 360°™

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Corporate 360°™ covers the main three strategic pillars of a company: BRAND, CUSTOMER and EMPLOYEE.


In collaboration with our Finland Member, Taloustutkimus, WIN/GIA presents the Corporate 360°™ tool.  Corporate 360°™ offers a comprehensive overview for successful strategic management. Moreover this innovative concept can easily be put into practice.



Corporate 360°™ measures corporate awareness and identifies brand strengths and weaknesses in comparision with your competitors. It is a helpful tool for planning and developing corporate communications.



Corporate 360°™ measures customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It also pinpoints which areas should be developed in order to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Corporate 360°™ measures employee commitment and loyalty. It also identifies which areas could be improved when it comes to performance.. 




  • Comprehensive view for strategic management – This tool takes into consideration all the company's important and strategic stakeholders.
  • Functional, useful strategic indicators/measures.
  • Clear modular total package.
  • Customization.
  • Easily repeatable.


For more information, please contact Juha Aalto or call +358 9758511.

Find attached a pdf version of the Corporate 360 documentation. 


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