Best Practices in International Coordination

For WIN/GIA, coordination is not just organizing fieldwork in various countries, but understanding the survey’s needs, providing insight about the best strategies to achieve the survey’s goals and making sure that the same methodological rigor is applied across countries. All this is combined with a profound knowledge by our local affiliates, hence putting the information in the real context. An international study has its own principles and requires special rules, some of which are simply ignored in national studies. The multi-country studies coordinated by WIN/GIA are always designed to support the contractor’s interests at a global and local level, as to guarantee the homogeneousness of the international purposes and the view of the specific local particularities.


Implementing a successful coordination process requires a delicate combination of many aspects. WIN/GIA conceives coordination as the articulation of the clear leadership of the Coordination Center, and an open attitude towards the country local teams. Centralization in the project management is critical, while at the same time efficiency by each country’s local team is capital, and the two must work together in perfect synergy through a strong teamwork dynamic. The Coordination Center encourages all the people working at every stage of the process to share any possible suggestions they might have in order to improve the overall quality of the result.


The international experience of the Coordination Center is further reinforced through the advice of a team of international experts, who act as international consultants during the process. This international expertise is combined with the extensive local insight of the selected network of institutes that will conduct the survey in the different countries.