The best healthcare specialists in the world came together and created WIN/Gallup International  Healthcare Expert Group to deliver the most accurate, consistent and case specific answers faster to your Healthcare questions anywhere in the world at the most competitive price.

The collected expertise of the WIN/Gallup International Healthcare team is unparalleled with extensive experience in virtually every healthcare topic and form of data collection, from web-based studies to small and large focus groups, discussion groups and in-depth interviews. We have applied sophisticated analysis techniques as needed to support the focus and purpose of each study. For qualitative studies we use only moderators with healthcare and medical experience.

The WIN/Gallup International Healthcare Expert Group not only brings together the top healthcare experts throughout the network but also includes renowned academics in the field who provide their experience and knowledge at each step of the research project from questionnaire drafting to client consulting and data reporting.


For more information, please contact the WIN/Gallup International Coordinator: Chiara Monetti