WIN/Gallup International Emerging Markets- BRICS


The WIN/Gallup International has a worldwide presence, including in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, New Delhi, Singapore, Moscow, Istanbul and São Paulo. WIN/Gallup International prouds itself with its emerging market profound knowledge and team of local experts in the countries known collectively as the BRICS countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.


Our Emerging market specialists are leading national institutes with a deep local knowledge of research methods and techniques, statistical sources, customs and culture differences of its own country.


With local market-leading partners in the BRICT countries, our Network ensures strong advisory, research and execution in the world's emerging markets. We have solutions for a wide array of research needs and timely information for your organization when requesting or conducting market research and polling in the emerging markets. 


WIN/Gallup International can support your growth in the emerging markets with a range of market research and polling solutions, insight and advice.

For more information please contact Chiara Monetti, Coordinator of WIN/Gallup International.