Shopper Behaviors- Purchase Decision Hierarchy™

Purchase Decision Hierarchy™


Presented by


Colmar Brunton



Access the subconscious drivers of decision making and break down its barriers with The Purchase Decision Hierarchy™ tool.




In collaboration with our Australian Member, Colmar Brunton, WIN/Gallup International presents the Purchase Decision Hierarchy™ tool.  The Purchase Decision Hierarchy™ tool offers an innovative marketing science technique to derive the functional and subconscious drivers of decision making at the point of purchase. The Purchase Decision Hierarchy™ answers the most important marketing battleground of Where to play & How to Win.


The Purchase Decision Hierarchy™ simulates the real world decision making that consumers make every day. The choice sets are presented in a logical process familiar to consumers. Moreover, the analysis process derives the hierarchy of the attributes that make up the purchase decision.



  • The data capture technique is visual, simple and easy to complete (the same as making a choice at point of purchase for consumers)


  • Layout of the category is set by design.


  • Respondent chooses one SKU based on what they see (pack/ price/ brand etc)


  • That SKU is then removed and the respondent chooses again based on the SKU’s remaining (up to 9 times)


  • Our main clients so far have been FMCG marketers who need to understand the decisions made on the path to purchase.  However, the technique is applicable to any decision making process such as choice of cars, airlines, brand architecture, mobile phones service plans etc.



  • Online Screener:  N=1000, Category usage


  • Brand Conversion & Perceptions: Brand awareness, Conversion to purchase funnels, Brand associations


  • Purchase Behaviour:  Purchase frequency, location, format & quantities,  Triggers & Barriers


  • Decision Hierarchy: Importance of attributes Stated & derived


  • Demographics: Income, Employment



  • Decision hierarchy
  • Selections mapping MDS
  • Respondent level importances




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For more information, please contact Peter Kenny.

You may also visit  Colmar Brunton Website.