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RED STAR from RED C provides you with a cost-effective pre or post advertising evaluation model using a suite of carefully designed metrics to provide clear and actionable insight to guide your advertising strategy




RED STAR (Structured Test of Advertising Response) is a standardised method of advertising assessment developed by RED C. Building on many years of communications testing experience and rigorous analysis, we have devised a solution that addresses all of your communications testing needs:

/  Cross Media: Tried and tested for TV, Radio, Online and Print

/  Pre and Post: Testing pre‐production concepts and in‐field communications

/  Multi‐method: Devised for Online, CAPI or Face to Face methodologies:


The RED STAR toolkit is intuitive, digestible and strategically focussed to produce unambiguous direction for your brand, helping you to make more informed investment decisions.

To facilitate comparability and target setting, each of the constituent components of the test can be benchmarked as well as producing composite Affection, Brand Impact and Connection (ABC) Scores to allow for clear diagnosis of any shortcomings or improvement areas for your advertising.

There is also a one number, RED STAR Index provided for all executions to provide a single number snapshot of advertising effectiveness.




This is a model for analysis that can be used on stand alone test or on a tracking survey.  Min 100 interviews per ad cell.  RED C will provide the questions that have to be included, and the table spec to derive the scores to put into the database.  The online database will then provide the weighted scores for each of the RED Star metrics and the one number overview score.  It will also provide the benchmarks for country, Europe, industry etc.  RED C will also provide the template for reporting and work to develop the benchmark surveys reports with the partner.

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