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Go beyond the stereotypes with the Alchemy Test™.



In collaboration with our Italian Member, Doxa, WIN/Gallup International presents the Alchemy Test™ tool.  The Alchemy Test™ is an innovative tool that gives you clear and straight directions as well as actionable insights to provide practical and measurable elements to improve or develop either a concept or a product.


The Alchemy Test™ tool builds a research system that, in a few moves, can dive into the consumer desires.  Furthermore, the Alchemy Test™  is a quick and inexpensive way to understand the stereotypes in consumer's perception and evaluation and it offers an in-depth analysis that go beyond  stereotypes.




Only one main stage, which in 3 different organic moments, is able to synthesize the entire process that happens when the customer is exposed to new products on the real market:


  • Collective evaluation of the market and the current products.


  • Subjective, individual considerations about the products and what they could be for the respondent himself.


  • Mind meeting point: back to the respondent as part of a community.



  • Blended: the Client has at disposal a very rich set of information, not only well argumented and explained but also with some relevant data about the opportunities.


  • Actionable: the methodology is able to declare a winner, on the basis of the data and language analysis. This is reassuring for the Client itself, because - as a Client told us- 'data was born from a deep insight.'


  • Operational improvement: examining qualitative results as well as the semantic square and word cloud; This allows to optimize the winning project and make it clear for the client on how to proceed.


  • A "what to do" centered method: last but not least, this tool provides a lot of information about how the product has to "talk" to the consumer which is made available by the richness of the word clouds.






For more information, please contact Vilma Scarpino.

You may also visit  Doxa Website.