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Changing attitude toward a product or a service is a big challenge. Changing the behavior is a bigger one. Nudge is one solution to face this challenge. It is defined as “any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way, without forbidding any options”.  It relies on Behavioral Economics principles and consider that people are not as rational as superman, but predictably irrational, as Homer Simpson. You want people to save energy? You should tell them that their neighbor consumes less energy than they do, rather than telling them they could save money!


To change people behavior, you’d better find Nudges than rational arguments. To find Nudges, BVA created the NudgeLab Process©.




The BVA NudgeLab Process© is comprised of 4 steps: Explore, Create, Select and Test. It relies on several BVA tools (Nudge cards, Wheel of changes, Nudge Matrix, …) developed thanks to the latest academic research in Behavioral Economics and Nudges.

The output of this process is a Nudge Book, that is a compilation of several Nudge ideas to be designed in order to change behaviour, and client team adherence. Thanks to this Process , BVA helped the French government to increase online tax return, that cost less than paper form tax return.


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