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Be at the forefront of technology with the Alternative Eye Tracking tool™.



In collaboration with our Greek Member, Alternative Research Solutions, WIN/Gallup International presents the Alternative Eye Tracking™ tool.  With the innovative Alternative Eye Tracking™ tool , your company will be at the forefront of technology, will enter new markets, gain a competitive advantage in your market and increase perceived value for all relevant projects.


What is Eye Tracking?

  • Eye Tracking is the process of recording the eye movements using a detector (an Eye-Tracker).
  • The detector traces two characteristics of the eye: the cornea reflection and the eye pupil.
  • Combining these two characteristics allow us to calculate the point where the gaze meets the object of interest, after a calibration process for every individual.




Eye tracking is a new technology that continues to be developed constantly.  Current developments include:

  • Emotional interpretation based on eye movement
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Sports performance enhancement
  • Educational applications, etc.


Eye tracking is ideal for analyzing marketing stimuli regarding:

  •  In store marketing material; Product
     Presentation, or Category Management.
  •  Print Ads or TV Commercials.
  •  Websites & Webpages.
  •  Packaging.
  •  Sports design & marketing.



  • Eye Tracking can be applied as part of
    a Qualitative or a Quantitative Research.


  • The output of the system is profiled
    and complemented with demographics,
    psychographics, or usage habits.
    It is important NOT to use Eye Tracking data without complementary marketing research; The goal is to get scientific evidence with the marketing context.



Please download the pdf to learn more about the Alternative Eye Tracking tool.  



For more information, please contact Titos Simitzis.

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