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The Customer Value Management™


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The Customer Value Management Platform is the art and science of measuring and managing perceptions.



In collaboration with our Iceland Member, Capacent, WIN/Gallup International presents The Customer Value Management™ tool.  The Customer Value Management™ tool is the art of and science of measuring and managing customer perception of the value your company delivers to its customers relatively to the competition.  The Customer Value Management™ answers how companies are doing in bringing value to its customers, what factors affect it and what are the most important elements when it comes to explaining customer value.


This means that the customer value is about the perception of the customer on how he perceives the value on what he receives from the company he or she deals with. This platform aims to uncover customer value and helps our clients providing supreme customer value to its customers.



  • The Customer Value Management™  is a customer-centric approach as we think it is vital to understand value from the client´s point of view; How the customer defines value and what he finds valuable when using a specific brand or product.


  • The Customer Value Management™ is also an action-based approach that allows your firm to know where and how to act.  The methodology helps us to know exactly where to act and how much resources to spend on each part of its service/product.


  • The Customer Value Management™puts emphasis on comparing your business with the competition.  We believe it is not enough to be good at what you are doing, you need to outperform the competition on the key aspects of your service/product.


  • The Customer Value Management™ offers your firm unique insights.




  • A tailor-made system and data collection, analysis and reporting in one system.


  • The reporting is automatic.


  • Results are provided on a dashboard.


  • On the top of the dashboard you see the overall brand performance mapped.


  • It demonstrates the competitive profiling where the relative importance of categories (products or touchpoint) is analysed and compared to the competition.


  • This will elucidate the actions that need to be undertake. 


  • Drilling further down we can see which factors affect the satisfaction category. That tells us what the company needs to do to improve its categories level and correspondingly the overall brand performance.




 Tuesday, March 10th, 2015



For more information, please contact Einar Einarsson.

You may also visit  Capacent  Website.