Business Intelligence- Real Time Fan™

Real Time Fan™

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Alternative Research Solutions



The Real Time Fan is the Business Intelligence tool  for the market leaders.



In collaboration with our Greek Member, Alternative Research Solutions, WIN/Gallup International presents the Real Time Fan™ toolReal Time Fan™ allows you to know what matters in Real Time.


Today, decision makers are facing the big data challenges:

  • There is more information around them, than they can handle.


  • The problem is therefore not how to collect this information, but how to filter it wisely.


  • Gather the right information and make the most out of it.


  • Use this information to assist the decision making process and make it more intelligent.



  • Real Time Market Image: The condition of your stores and branches and those
    of your competition.


  • Real Time Market Conditions: What % of your asset is being used by competition and how much remains unused, what is the condition of your products on the shelf and whether your poster hangs on the right spot.


  • Real Time Price Conditions: How much your product is being sold in each outlet types
    and what discounts your competitor are offering, across the country. 


  • Real Time Customer Traffic Profiling: Who wants to buy your product or service, when
    and which competitors the buyers are considering.


  • Real Time Inspections: What is the condition of your buildings, ships, cars
    and whether corrective actions have been implemented.



Real Time Fan™is a Business Intelligence Platform designed to:

  • Capture data
  • “Store” the data in purpose-built databases
  • Analyze & Process the data using Business Intelligence
  • Distribute “need-to-know” BI Reports to Decision Makers, in virtually Real Time.


With in-built Quality Assurance, the Real Time Fan™Platform delivers customized Business Intelligence.  Reports to decision-makers:

  • in any desired format
  • and via any desired delivery channel






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Titos Simitzis.

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