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Brand Power™ Captures the feeling triggered by the brand.




In collaboration with our Italian Member, DOXA, WIN/GIA presents the Brand Power™ tool.  Brand Power™ is an innovative and useful method which achieves an accurate snapshot of brand performance using the latest thinking in neurosciences.  



Brand Power™ measures brand equity by quantifying critical emotions associated with a product. Brand Power™ output provides a correlation between the brand values associated with your company's product categories and those of your competitors.  Brand Power™ develops the brand equity concept and has a direct impact on perceptions and positive attitudes towards brands or products.  



  • The starting point is 'Feelings' rather than the product.
  • Avoids the weaknesses of traditional projective/ enabling techniques
  • Respondents are not asked to articulate what is impossible to be.
  • There is no reliance on the qualitative researcher’s intuitive analysis skills to determine the meaning of responses.
  • Uses non-verbal stimulus based on the latest trends in neurosciences.




A preliminary qualitative phase identifies the range and breadth of emotions associated with a particular product category.

A second phase uses the Heylen model to attribute emotions to brands.


Please find attached the pdf Brand Power™ documentation for your review.

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