Optimism is back in the world- WIN/Gallup International’s annual global End of Year survey shows a brighter outlook for 2014



Zurich, Switzerland - 30th December 2013 - WIN/Gallup International, the leading global association in market research and polling, has today published, in collaboration with The BBC's Today programme, the results of its annual End of Year Survey which explores the outlook, expectations, hopes and fears of people from 65 countries around the world.



  • Despite a year of economic difficulty, almost 50% of people surveyed are more positive about 2014 than they were for 2013;
  • US, Canada and Australia are the countries where most people would like to live if they could;
  • US is considered to be the greatest threat to peace in the world, followed by Pakistan and China;
  • Over a third of those surveyed believe the world would be a better place if there were more female politicians;
  • Now in its 37th year WIN/Gallup International End of Year Survey finds that since 1989 people in general have a more positive outlook on economic prosperity for the coming year.


Jean-Marc Leger, President of WIN/Gallup International Association, said: “Despite an unstable economic situation, our happiness index is extremely high all over the world except in Europe. Moreover people think that 2014 will be better than 2013. Optimism is back in the world.”


Please find attached the global version of the study in a pdf version. 


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