Vote today would see Britain exiting EU-WIN/Gallup International Survey

Vote today would see Britain exiting EU-WIN/Gallup International Survey
2014-12-21 - press release (United Kingdom)

BRITAIN would vote to leave the European Union if there were a referendum now, and even traditionally pro-EU countries are falling out of love with Brussels, according to a poll commissioned across Europe by the WIN/Gallup International and published today by the UK Sunday Times newspaper.

Britain is the only country surveyed that would vote to leave the EU, by a margin of 51% to 49%, but even in pro-EU nations such as France and Germany, there is a sizeable minority who want to quit.


The poll highlights the mountain that David Cameron has to climb if he is to persuade voters to remain in a reformed EU, his stated goal. He has promised to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Brussels and then hold an in/out referendum in 2017.  Johnny Heald, managing director of ORB International, which conducted the poll in the UK, said:Cameron will have a big fight on his hands to win hearts and minds over staying in the EU.  It is on a knife edge at the moment.’


The survey, conducted in 13 European countries, shows people feel less European than they did a year ago. The survey found that voters in eight countries, including Britain blamed bank and bankers most for the economic mess engulfing Europe.



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