Successful partnership between ORB International (UK) and WAAS International (Ethiopia)

Successful partnership between ORB International (UK) and WAAS International (Ethiopia)
2016-09-13 - News (Ethiopia)

WIN/Gallup International is pleased to announce a successful partnership between our UK member ORB International and one of our new member form Ethiopia, WAAS International.

WAAS International plc, with over 23 years of consultancy experience, is the leading market and social research firm in Ethiopia that specialises in primary quantitative and qualitative research solutions. WAAS has 40 permanent and over 350 part-time employees within its roster.

ORB has been conducting a lot of research in Africa since 2008. Having a member for the network in Ethiopia has been important for a number of reasons: firstly, it is the second largest market in Africa (behind Nigeria) population wise and secondly, it remains one of the main beneficiaries for AID budget on the Continent.

Having a research team headquartered in Addis Ababa is important because the overwhelming majority of these AID projects require independent monitoring & evaluation.

ORB have just awarded WAAS International a $125,000 contract to undertake n=3,000 face-to-face CAPI interviews, together with 60 indepth interviews with clinics, schools and government officials to evaluate the local water, health and sanitation.

Having just returned from Addis, Johnny Heald (ORB) writes: "Having a network member in Addis has really helped ORB win this contract as it reassures the client that we are both members of the same network and follow the same standards.   It also helps in pitching for work together as Governments and NGOs are increasingly interested in empowering local research companies while maintaining international quality control standards".



We think this project shows the great connections our network can create between its members, in particular with new ones. We are sure this will encourage our members to an ever closer cooperation in the future.