Iraqographic: New Service from IIACSS

Iraqographic: New Service from IIACSS
2016-08-24 - Article (Iraq)

Our Member from Iraq, IIACSS, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new service called "Iraqographic". It consists of a newsletter that will be shared with all colleagues, researchers and observers throughout the network and the industry.

The newsletter will be issued twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday: the Monday issue will provide market research info, while on Thursday it will present social and political information.



The newsletter will be both in Arabic and English to make it easier for all followers to read it. All released information will be based on IIACSS nationwide surveys and studies conducted since 2003.

The same information will also be published on their social media websites:




The newsletter will be sent by email from IIACSS info mail and it will be possible to share it with colleagues and network contacts interested in Iraq facts.



"I wish that you find this newsletter of value for you and highly appreciate all your comments" our colleague from Iraq, Dr. Munqith M. Dagher, said.


For more information: IIACSS