ICA (Paraguay) celebrates its WIN/Gallup International Membership

ICA (Paraguay) celebrates its WIN/Gallup International Membership
2016-08-24 - Article (Paraguay)

In Asunción, Paraguay on Wednesday August 17th, our new Member ICA, Instituto de Comunicacion y Arte, has launched a celebration to formally announce its membership to WIN/Gallup International.

This celebration saw a variety of guests from senators, ministers, NGO representatives, heads of embassies and businessmen whose attendance gave the event an important coverage in the local media.


Our representatives from Paraguay Ms. Larissa Chase and Mr. Enrique Chase with the Foreign Affairs Minister from Paraguay


A presentation was given to explain the tremendous benefits that the WIN/Gallup International Association offers to a firm like ICA at the international level, and how ICA plans to use this platform to expose Paraguay's nationwide indicators to the rest of the world.

Moreover, ICA presented a special communication on its participation in the Association's global survey that will present the worldwide public opinion on the US Elections 2016 and another upcoming regional study on the Millennials.

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For more information, ICA - Instituto de Comunicacion y Arte