End of Year Survey: Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness 2013

End of Year Survey: Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness 2013
2012-12-30 - global poll (Switzerland)

As global pollsters our task is to keep a close watch on the worldwide popular pulse. WIN/Gallup International Association is proud to present its GLOBAL BAROMETER OF HOPE AND HAPPINESS at year end 2012.


Our global poll released on New Year's eve conveys an optimistic message that the economic gloom is subsiding worldwide and that hope for an economic recovery has risen from -2% to 7%; an increase of 9% from a year ago.


This global survey was carried out by WIN-Gallup International Association, the world’s largest independent network of opinion pollsters, in 54 countries, with more than 55,817 men and women, covering a vast majority of the world population. The network has conducted this annual poll since 1977.  The Annual End of Year survey is one of the longest standing tradition of our association. This survey is compelling and is undisputedly the world’s first and longest standing global survey of its kind.


Happiness with or without Economic Hope

Notwithstanding views about the economy, a majority of the world feels happy about their life. Responding to the question: “As far as you are concerned, do you personally feel happy, unhappy or neither happy nor unhappy about your life?” 53% said they felt happy; 13% said they felt unhappy; 32% felt neither way and the remaining 2% did not answer. The global barometer of Hope and Happiness shows that a large number of people refuse to be gloomy despite their poor view on economic prospects for their nation.


3 year Trend on hope about Economy

Our global economic hope was 2% on New Year’s eve 2010; it declined to -2% in 2011 but has risen notably to 7% in 2012. This positive change is mainly due to the resurgence of hope in India and China. In North America it has also improved from -25% to -12%.  Nevertheless, Western Europe has slightly declined from -46% a year ago to -48%.  


The overall economic hope has considerably improved. Gloom about the economy seems to be subsiding in North America. Economic hope is resurging in India and China. However, Western Europe still faces challenges with a slightly more pessimistic apprehension about the future of its economy. Today we live in an interdependent world and a hopeful pulse in any part of the world is a message of hope for all. With that message of hope we greet the world on the eve of this New Year.


For more insights and details on our Annual Global Barometer of Hope and Happiness and to find out about the standing of each country please refer to the attached full pdf version of our 2012  End of Year Survey.